Monday, 26 May 2014

Look out Winnipeg!


WHOA!! WHAT A WEEK!! So.. to start it off.. TRANSFER CALLS!! First of all.. that is probably the most stressful day of life haha all day we were freaking out and waiting for the phone to ring! Finally the assistance called and let us know what was happening! Sister Fellows is staying in Moose Jaw and I am leaving! On my way to Winnipeg this weeks!! I'm going to serve in the London Ward! AND to top it off.. I'm in a tripanionship! (I get two companions)! I will be serving with Sister Smith (who seems nice) and SISTER BRIMHALL!! My MTC Roommate!!! well one of them haha. I am SO excited!! we have joked about being companions since the MTC. Didn't think it would be so soon!! I'm nervous about being in a tripan. But it's all about the attitude you have going into it. so... I'M EXCITED!! hahah.

This week our ward had a big BBQ and played baseball and had a water fight! it was a blast! Lots of investigators came and it was hot out and just perfect! then sister Sherlock took all us missionaries out for Slurpees! YUM! i've had like 5 in the last few days hahaha. The elders have brought us some like every night hahaha. so good.

Another great thing this last week was a lesson we had with one of our investigators. Wow. It was amazing. The spirit was so strong. She is very sad that i'm leaving though. She looked at me at one point and told me how amazing I was and that she is so surprised this is my first area. She said there's something special about me and you can see it in my eyes. then she laughed and said I was a tough cookie hahaha that might be true. She is definitely an answer to my prayers. The main thing I wanted to happen in my mission was witness someones entire experience with converting to the gospel. And that was her. We found her, taught her, and now.. she knows. she knows it's true. how amazing! I'm sad I won't be here for her baptism. But i feel completely satisfied. I saw her change. She really did! Something clicked and it felt so different. She is amazing. I truly love her so much. There were many tears shed and we all felt the spirit burn in our hearts. It was a miracle. Wow. I witnessed a miracle. it took a journey of 3 months. but it happened. I love being a missionary. I am so happy and feel so good. This is great! Love you all!! Goodbye Moose Jaw! Hello Winnipeg!

Sister Heinzlmeir

 What her fridge looks like on Sunday night!  Good think Monday is shopping day!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Everything happens for a reason!

What a week!
The Elders in our district had a baptism! YAY! It was so good! It pretty much made my day. We also had a super neat experience this week! So me and Sister Fellows were going to visit a member and have a lesson but she called and canceled. We had a whole hour to kill until our dinner appt. So we were looking at our back-up (the beauty of planning every hour of every day and a back up for EVERYTHING!) but then sister Fellows remembered we had some plans late in the week and wanted me to call to confirm. So I called and our dear friend was in tears! She was having an awful, awful day and so I said we could come over and be there for her.  She agreed, so off we went! Turns out she was praying and praying for the lord to send her someone to help her, then ta-dah! we called! and had a free hour! how amazing! just goes to show that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and God is always there and guiding us.  It was so good.

So, funny story, we have sports night at the gym in the church every Saturday night and members come and all. Its a blast.  This week we played dodge ball. It was fun! Until Elder Certain and someone got in a collision. Elder Certain's knee... poor young man's face = gushing knee and missing tooth. Ya! That's right! Elder Certain knocked out his tooth!!! The whole tooth popped out! it was pretty intense. The assistants were up for exchanges with the zone leaders (Elder Certain and McRitchie) and so they were there too hahaha oh it was scary but hilarious.

Transfer calls are this week! ah! I'm so nervous! They normally split trainers and trainees after training so something is going down!! It's intense haha I am done training in a week! A WEEK! what?! I feel like i just started! there's so much to learn! But I definitely have grown so much. I am so happy and blessed! Missionary work is the best! Honestly I have had such a great week. I feel so happy. Thank you everyone for the support and love!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

 this dog is HUGE!!! i needed a picture haha he is pretty much a bear.

 she loves me ... ;)
me and sister fellows are both expecting nephews within the next few months! why not get them matching saskatchewan shirts?!!?

 we were a tad crazy one night and decided to do our daily planning in the dark

 beautiful moose jaw!

sometimes .. if you are nice the the sister missionaries.. they bring everyone slurpies ;)

 haha poor robin. thats what happens when you play dodge ball with elder certain

making homeade sushi at the wolfs! (member) so fun! love that family!

we played soccer this morning .. and it was pouring rain!!!! it was so fun!!!! but i got soaked!

my lovely stuffie from my wonderful bestie and lil bro! love it!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Mother's Day is the best day ever...


Wow! What a week! There are truly blessings that come from diligence! That's what I learned this week! Things have been pretty slow for me and sister Fellows and it was a little discouraging. Not many lessons. no new investigators. It was hard. BUT, we kept pushing and kept doing all we could and VOILA! We were blessed! We had more lessons this last week than we ever have! We have a few new investigators and are so excited to work with them! Missionary work can be draining. You put all your energy and soul into it. But the best cure... is missionary work! Anytime we get tired or discouraged, we take a breath, and keep going. Then the Lord gives us tender mercies such as a kind person who is willing to talk to us, a referral from a member, a chance to do an act of service, or even just have our minds at peace knowing we are doing our best. Those tender mercies give us the boost we need to get excited and go to work! It's amazing. I LOVE being a missionary.

I think the highlight of the week would have to be... MOTHERS DAY!! church was great and the lesson was super powerful, we got chocolate, flowers, and best of all... FAMILY SKYPE TIME!! It was the best! Saying goodbye was hard. But I'm just so happy I got to talk to everyone! Sister Larson (member) let us go to her house to skype and she then fed us dinner and we just all hung out. It was so great! I love my family. They are the BEST!!!

Also, i'm done my training in a couple weeks! AH! I'm nervous to be done! There's still so much to know and to learn! But i'm excited! Almost at 3 months in the field! Where does the time go?! I know everyone always says the time speeds up the longer you're out.. but i didn't really believe them! until now! Definitely have to make every day and every moment count! I love you all so much! Have a great week!!!


Sister Heinzlmeir

So once a transfer we have a Zone Training Meeting. where the whole zone gets together for training. since the zone leaders are here in moose jaw, we got to just stay in moose jaw and everyone came here haha. the elders were talking about the meeting and said something about a tie trade at the end. so all the elders in our zone (20 ish) brought all their ties and were making trades! me and sister fellows felt a little left out. being the only sisters in the zone. so we drew our own ties and tried to trade them ahhaha we even put tags on the back with the brand name. and the price tag. mine was a million dollar trump! oh yeah! i gave it away for free though ahaha lucky Elder Dillon!

Jen says "we should be models..."  lol

They made this collage for Sis. Larson who is the Mission Mom in Moose Jaw...and I'm so thankful for her taking care of my girl for me! 

Monday, 5 May 2014


 My beauty.

Guess who loves sushi!?

 Drawing for a 9 year old they know.

 Their smoke detector kept beeping...and she doesn't know that means she should probably change the batteries...and the Elders didn't know they put a piece of cotton over it...

Roll up the rim with hot cocoa!

Short but sweet.


So everyone better be adding me on facebook now! Online proselyting has been so neat! I love it! President Thomas (mission President) has told us to go on one hour everyday! it's been great! This week was pretty slow, not too much went on. We did a lot of street contacting to find new investigators and that was... interesting haha oh the people we meet!! We met this one guy and we testified of Jesus Christ. He replied by saying he loves Jesus and just got out of jail. Jesus helped him a lot. I slightly regretted giving our number to him after he said that. But then felt bad haha everyone on earth are sons and daughters of God! Everyone deserves the chance to learn and hear the truth. everyone. We met a few other people who were so nice and asked a lot of questions! It was pretty exciting.

As a district, we have made a plan to visit the members outside of meal appointments and share lessons with them. Just to learn together and feel the spirit stronger. Our goal is to unite together so missionary work here can improve! It's been going great! We visited a family last night actually and it was so wonderful! The spirit in their home was so calm and and peaceful. It was nice. We had a great discussion. I love the Moose Jaw Ward. The members are so kind and loving! They are the best!

love you all so much!!!


Sister Heinzlmeir