Monday, 30 June 2014

Wet Winnipeg


Another week full of blessings! almost too goo to be true! Our week started off great, we had a lesson with a Buddhist nun in India hahah yeah.. that happened. She is very spiritual which makes lessons intense! Because she is so sensitive to it and can recognize it well. We have another lesson with her this week. She is going to show us around a bit! NEAT!!

We also had exchanges this week (when the sister training leaders come and we switch companions for the day). It was great! they were so kind haha brought us hot cheetos and home made bread! and they even made us pancakes for breakfast while we went to hot yoga haha so nice! They (like everyone) where so surprised how well me sister smith and sister Brimhall work together haha we are changing to tripan's reputation! It can work! and be fun! haha.

We have been doing a LOT of singing!! oh my! We sang at 2 baptisms, a fireside, a huge family dinner, and a jam session (aka a bunch of old people get together and sing and play guitar), and we are singing at another baptism coming up! AH! I don't even sing! But that is what you get when you have sister smith as your companion haha she is absolutely amazing! Me and sister Brimhall are great backups hahahah

We had many miracles and fun times this week but the best thing that happened was when we found a family! We did service Friday at a BBQ and met the parents. Kind people! We talked about our purpose a bit and they started asking why no missionaries have gone to their home yet! They were serious! So we gladly offered to come over and they accepted! We went over the next day (saturday) and got to know them a bit and shared a little scripture. They loved it! Before we left we mentioned church and they were excited! We were SO happy and hopeful that they would come and sure enough, they DID!! The whole family! A mom, dad, and 4 kids! AH! It was the most spiritual experience i've had on my mission so far. They are prepared by God. We did nothing. They are amazing. We are actually going over tonight and doing family home evening with them! Wow i honestly can't even explain the joy we have felt this weekend. We have been praying to find a family and have been working hard and being obedient and trying to do all we can. And the Lord blessed us and answered our prayers. It was amazing. I've never seen someone so open before! They just want to know and try it out! um.. YESS!!!! Seriously.. this is why i'm on a mission. You meet some people who aren't that kind and it can be hard. But then you meet people who are completely prepared and it makes everything and anything worth it. I'm blessed to be here and witness such a miracle. Love you all! have a great week!


Sister Heinzlmeir 

They sing A LOT

At the jam session...

...and the Sally Ann

...and the rain came down and the floods came up...


Monday, 23 June 2014

She's happy, happy, happy. And that makes ME happy!

Me, Sister Brimhall and Sister Smith were talking the other day about how our friends always want to know a day in the life of a missionary. what do you even do all day? and oh my goodness haha we all talked about the struggle of explaining our life!! Every day we meet new people, see new things, go to different places, try new strategies, teach everywhere, serve everywhere, it's crazy hahah and i LOVE it!!! Everyday is different but the same. We just want to do what we are here for and invite others to come unto Christ! Each day there our new surprises and things can go in any direction. But we always know, without a shadow of a doubt, that we are meant to be here and we are doing exactly what the lord wants us to do at this time in our lives. its amazing.

This week was another great one! Probably the funniest thing that happened was when we were contacting a bunch of less-actives. So we get to this one home and the woman answers the door. We get all excited (that happens sometimes haha) and start talking like we knew her. Asking if she needed any help around her house, pet her dog, set up a time to come by again and we were off. When we got into the car, we realize that she might have been a non-member and it was her husband who was less active! We died laughing! how could we make such a silly mistake! the poor lady just standing there so confused as we go on without even saying who we were and what we do! Oh it was awful. So we started to call around, trying to figure out if she was baptized or not. Turns out we she WAS and is less-active haha so that was good. we didn't ruin it completely. We carry on the rest of our day. The day we were supposed to meet with her, we got a voice mail from her saying she knows our purpose and doesn't want to come back to church. It heart our hearts a bit to hear,  but people have their agency so we moved on. The next day she texts us and invites us over for a family BBQ!! said she would love to see us. Umm.. YES!! So we went and that was fun! We were happy to be there and get to know her and her husband better. It was confusing but great hahaha. Other then that, we just taught people and did our normal duties haha I love love love being a missionary!! I know i say that every email haha but I can't help it! I am SO happy. I feel myself changing and growing so much. I want to be the best I can be. This life is so short and really, the only important thing is what God wants us to do. When we follow him, we are always blessed and are always happy. Love you all!!

Sister Heinzlmeir

Monday, 16 June 2014


WOW!! Another amazing week! first thing i want to say is... I LOVE MY COMPANIONS!! seriously!! best thing ever!!! they are both so different and we just work so great together! Having companionship unity and having the same goals and desires makes everything else so much easier! It's been great! Sister Smith and Brimhall will definitely always have a spot in my heart! they are so great!!

Honestly I can't even tell you all the amazing things happening because there are just so many! miracles everyday! We have been doing lots of service and helping our members out. We have done a lot of garden work and cleaning! it's been a blast. I love being able to serve others and help whenever we can! Winnipeg is a beautiful place! it is so green and fresh! We work with many less actives and a whole bunch of smokers. It's been amazing seeing someone change from smoking 25 smokes a day to 5 ! The atonement is real and can truly change peoples lives. It's a blessing to see such progress in those we are teaching. Oh! we had a zone conference this week! So a bunch of missionaries gathered together and President talked to us a lot and we did some training and talked about goals and such. Every Zone that was there had a music number and so all the sisters in my zone (7 of us) sang a song. It was really good! But after that.. we got signed up to sing at a talent show, baptism, and some other activity haha oh my.. never doing that again!! but it's fun. Sister smith is an amazing singer!!

Probably the craziest thing that happened this last week was when we went to go visit a lady (from Russia, has been here for 6 years. speaks broken english and really wants to learn more about god) so we go over there and she isn't home. Just her son (2 years old) and her mom. Her mom doesn't speak a single word in enlgish and doesn't understand anything either! Just Russian! We try to ask when her daughter will be home but she has no idea what we are saying. So she drags us into the house and motions for us to sit down. Now, as missionaries.. if someone lets you in there house. You really can't say no! So we come in and sit down. Tried to think of russian words we might know. I remembered "Babushka"  which means grandma. So we point to the little boy then her and asked if she was his Babushka. thats how we found out it was her mom hahaha she got excited and nodded her head. yay! we communicated! she then brings us to the table and feeds us Russian food! So good! so we eats and go on google translate on her computer and say thank you. and then asked if we could come by tomorrow when her daughter would be home. she said yes. so we left and came back. We brought bread with us (a lady in our ward gets a bunch for free so we take a couple crates full and give them to people) so we brought over some bread and they both started crying! we then find out that they don't have money and her daughter is in the hospital and lots of bad things going on. It was intense. The grandma let us in, fed us, gave us water and she didn't know who we were and they didn't have money. There are good people in the world. Who give so much. We had a great lesson and look forward to going over there again this week, Time to learn Russian!

Oh another great event from the week... LICE!! haha oh my!! we were working online and sister smith's old companion messaged her telling her she has lice so she should check herself.. GROSS! So we all freak out a bit and check each other for lice and sure enough.. poor sister brimhall had caught it!! I never saw lice in real life before that.. it was scary. Sister Brimhall was such a trooper though! we just laughed non-stop for the rest of the night haha got some shampoo treatment and a brush thing and took care of her! we cleaned her us and got those little nasties out!! then we washed all our bedding and clothes and such. It was so funny haha we were being way to blessed, of course something had to go wrong. it was only fair. That was crazy. But we got some good pictures and videos from it ! hahaha Oh i love sister Brimhall so much. She is amazing. I would not have been so elegant haha I'd be screaming and crying. She just laughed it off. way to go sister brimhall!! But yeah.. we havent told anyone about that.. but we will have to tell president so he can send a email telling people to check themselves. yikes!!

well! it was an eventful week and im feeling extremely blessed and happy! I love being a missionary! I am learning so much everyday! have a great week! love you all!

sister heinzlmeir

 Tri-pan awesomeness!

Fed by a member and sent home with snacks!

Rugby in the mornings with their tie-die shirts

Monday, 9 June 2014

Fun in the City!

What an amazing week full of miracles!! Oh my goodness! So, this whole "tripan" things (having to companions) is the BEST!! We seriously just get along great and are having a blast together!! love it!! We have been trying to be exactly obedient and work really hard and the blessing are sure coming!! Probably the most special miracle that happened was a few days ago. we were at our apartment just eating dinner and suddenly someone knocks on our door. we were like uh what? who is that? the elders never said they were stopping by? huh? so we go check of course and it's this lady. standing there, looking sooo nervous. She just started telling us that she is a member of our church and was baptized in 99 and hasn't been to church for 8 years. She said she wanted to come back and asked if we could give her the discussions again and if she could have a book of Mormon... umm... YESSSS!!! how amazing!!!! someone came knocking on OUR door! THAT is a miracle!! we kept calm until she left. then the dance party began. She is such a lovely lady and we are so excited to work with her. wow. amazing. Also, on our way home from a lesson, we were evaluating the visit and lesson and it was a great one. Sister Brimhall looked at me and said at one point I was speaking and she could feel the holy ghost and she just knew that it wasn't me speaking. That was amazing. I so felt it as well. Sometimes you just start saying things and don't even know what your even saying. just feels right. That made me happy. Knowing I was doing good and having the holy ghost work through me. an incredible feeling. We also met a bunch of people who approached us! it's been unreal!! We feel lots of trust from the lord and responsibility. The area we are in has it's difficulties like every area. And we just want to do the best we can to live worthy of that trust and responsibility and make the area stronger. OH! so every Friday night we play basket ball with members and less-actives and investigators and have a fun time but this week was insane! Our district leader had an accident and smacked his head on the concrete!! ,,he's VERY tall so it's a far fall!!! he almost passed out when he stood up. I checked his pupils (as if I know what to do or what that even means) but the were as small as a pin hole! TINY! I was like uhh.. that's not good. I think. he may have even shed a few tears. he was scratched up and looking rough. We all knelt down and Elder Garner gave his a blessing. The power from that blessing was amazing. There was about 12 missionaries kneeling around. It was so powerful. Then the zone leaders picked him up and carried him to their car. off we ALL went to the ER. unfortunately most of us had to leave soon after to make it for curfew but we got updates and he's doing better today. It was intense. I seriously love being a missionary. This week was seriously unreal. I could go on forever. This work is wonderful and I LOVE being a part of it!! Love you all soo much!!!

Sister Heinzlmeir  

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

New but NOT scary!


So many changes!! My last few days in Moose Jaw were hard. I don't like goodbyes. But I definitely feel satisfied with the work me and sister Fellows did there. We went to Regina and got to go to the temple then stayed over at the sister's place over there and then bright and early the next day me and others being transferred were off to Winnipeg! I will miss my district. We were definitely a family. I love them so much. The drive to Winnipeg went fast. Lots of talking and getting to know other missionaries! Then we arrived! I was so excited to be re-united with my fellow MTC buddy Sister Brimhall! Squeals and hugs were absolutely necessary hahaha. then I found Sister Smith and introduced myself and that started it. We were all instantly friends. Wow I love them both so much. Everyone warned us all about dreaded tripans but seriously.. it is a blast!!! so fun!! Our biggest problem right now is that we are friends and talk a lot haha we didn't finish unpacking for days. hahah *cough* *cough*. It has been really different being in a city though. Moose Jaw is small and we were over the whole thing. Here we have our part of the city and it's HUGE! Also.. it is strange being around so many missionaries! I didn't even know we had that many in Winnipeg!! It felt so weird! In Moose Jaw it's us 6 and well.. that's it! Here we have like 50!! We had a p-day activity together (like 40 of us) and we all played soccer. well.. we tried hahaha way too many people to actually play. but there was a solid 6 who were doing great! hahah it was so fun!! Our apartment is nice! I like it!
The ward is super great too!! I'm SO excited for this transfer!! I love it!! We have been doing lots of service this past week! Planting strawberries, volunteering at a relay race fundraiser thing, helping people move, its been so great! I love service!! Oh and we have been doing great workouts in the morning! We go to hot yoga or rugby everyday. so much fun! It's been crazy trying to get used to a new city and new people and a different routine but I honestly am so excited and happy. I love my companions!! It's going to be great!! Love you all so much!! have a great week!!

Sister Heinzlmeir