Monday, 29 September 2014


TRANSFER CALLS!!! Oh my.. getting transfer calls is probably the most nerve racking thing ever haha and we got them! Sister Brimhall is leaving to serve in the Winnipeg YSA ward and I am staying in the London ward and will be companions with Sister Davis. Also.. Me and Sister Davis will be the Sister Training Leaders and get to travel to Kenora (Ontario) and International falls (Minnesota) to go on exchanges with the sisters over there! As well as the sisters in the gateway ward here in Winnipeg. WHAT?! haha Oh my goodness. Neither Sister Davis or I have been an STL before. Normally you go with someone who has been one and they train you. NOPE! We will be training ourselves haha oh goodness. It's crazy. I also get to drive the car now! No more standing outside to back for the driver! yay! hahaha. But it's Winnipeg.. I am nervous about the crazy roads! At least I have my GPS haha. AH!!! It's going to be really hard to say goodbye to Sister Brimhall. I love her so much. But at least we will still see each other occasionally since she is still in the city! Goodbyes are the worst.

This week was a good one! Things are finally picking up! We found a few new people to teach through our members here and have been seeing a lot of success! YAY! Oh and I ate African food with my hands! It was crazy, so we went to go see this less-active that we have never met before and she let us in and we shared a little scripture and then she asked if we wanted food. Obviously as a missionary you NEVER turn down food. EVER. So we sat back down and she fed us this sour spongy flat bread that you rip and dip in this green okra stew with chunks of meat. The stew was good.. but I wasn't a fan of the bread. I prayed a lot eating that hahahah. But then all her friends came over and we just had a party! well sort of haha we talked and met one friend, Arek, who asked us what we did and she told us her heart was beating so fast when she saw us and she knew we were Jesus people. (Okay, I really laughed-out-loud here...Jesus people!  So funny...but accurate!  hahaha)We told her we could come to her house and teach her and her family. oh she got so excited! So we saw her a few days later! and guess what? MORE FOOD! haha but yummy this time!! deep fried meet and veggie things called samosas or something (Okay, Jenna HAS eaten samosas before!!!! and loved them then too!) . It was SO GOOD! We got all the leftovers haha. But we taught her and it was really good! She said we were family now and can come by whenever! That is the fun thing about Winnipeg. We literally teach so many different kinds of people from so many different cultures! Its great!

This week I have learned a lot about patience. It's amazing how as soon as we completely rely on God and trust Him and His timing, Everything changes. I have such a testimony on patience and diligence from these past couple weeks. Things weren't the best but I see the light at the end of the tunnel haha. I am so blessed for every opportunity I have to learn and grow!

We also got to see the women's broadcast! So good! I love President Uchtdorf so much! They talked so much about temples and the importance of our covenants and I loved every bit of it! It is just making me more excited for general conference! YAY!

I love you all so much! Thank you for your prayers and support! You are the best!

Sister Heinzlmeir

Monday, 22 September 2014

Fun farm reunion


So, our recent convert, Kate Gross, is the best. I love her so much haha. She got called to be the Activity day girls leader? Or whatever that is called hahah. Which is perfect for her! She is SO creative and loves party planing! And her daughter is in that age group so she is there! We went to the first one of this year on Wednesday. It was great! We loved it.

We have been able to find more people to teach which is great! We got an investigator turned over to us from the St James ward Sisters. She is very friendly and open! We are excited to work with her. And one of the young women has a friend that we are meeting with this coming week! We are so excited! Member referrals are the best! Reminds me of when me and Shannon first sat down with the missionaries. Now i'm on the other side of that! It's crazy haha We are very excited!

We have been able to do a lot of service with the boys and girls club! It's a blast. We helped out at a BBQ! It was great! Me and Sister Brimhall were in charge of BINGO haha It was fun. We got free food and hot chocolate and we could never turn that down haha

The best part of the week was probably last night! Every third Sunday, Kate Gross' family and all the extended family have a big family dinner and there's singing and people playing the guitar and food out at a huge farm! This was our second time going. It's the best! And best of all... SISTER SMITH WAS THERE!!!! haha They have relatives in the Ward Sister Smith is serving at so they came too! YAY! We are always thrilled to see her. Needless to say we hugged for ever hahaha group hug! People make fun of how much we three love each other haha It was wonderful!

This week has been a learning one for sure! Many great things but many lessons in process of learning haha missions are a time to refine us! It can be hard, but I know that through Christ we can do anything and as we continue to follow Him, we will see the blessings more and more!

Love you all so much! Have a great week!

Sister Heinzlmeir

 our zone leaders are the best. left us a treat on our doorstep with a lovely note! half a pumpkin cheesecake one of there investigators made them haha sharing is caring right? 

 giant quash from a members farm! you better believe we will be eating quash for days!

curled one of the young women's (Hailey) hair for picture day haha cute!

Monday, 15 September 2014

She loves Garmin.

This week went by fast! like it always does haha. A couple exciting things happened! One was we had exchanges with the sister training leaders! Sister Bennett and Haner are our STL's and they are great! I went with Sister Haner and Sister Brimhall went with Sister Bennett. Sister Haner is a very hard working missionary. I always learn a lot from our Sisters. I was nervous for exchanges because Winnipeg is a crazy city and well.. if you know me you know that I am NOT good with directions or knowing where ANYTHING is. BUT! Good thing I pulled out my good friend Garmin (GPS mom and dad got me before i left) He made it way less stressful!! haha. Oh how I love technology. You seriously don't even understand how stressed I was about getting lost and missing our appointments haha oh Garmin. He is a great thing hahaha it was perfect! So with that taken care of, the exchange went great haha.

We also had a ward BBQ this weekend and it went great! Our Elders put together a "Tree of life" game where they had a string going around the church and outside that thhey had to hold on too while blind folded and get to the tree with candy at the end. The rest of us missionaries and parents were tempters, trying to get them to let go. I got a little boy to let go.. then felt too bad so I brought him back haha he was so cute. So that was fun! And the food tasted great!! Lots of the people we are working with were able to come! which made us very happy! haha

This week we have been focusing a lot of our time on finding. So we went through a bunch of former investigator files and tried to find them! We found this one lady named Peggy. She is 90 something and the cutest. She opened the door and let us in without even asking who we were. She started rambling on about who knows what, as if she already knew us. I then introduced myself and she looked at me puzzled. She had no idea it was that long since missionaries came to visit her. She thought we were the same ones as before haha no Peggy. It's been a few years. So we chatted and ate cookies haha She is cute.

Another great thing was on Sunday, we were at church and greeting people as they came in and met this lady named Ivy. She didn't want to go all the way over to her church so she came to ours because it is close to her home. She said she hopes she likes it so she can come back. We assured her that we did too haha she had a great time at church and we were able to get her phone number before she left. We will call this week and go see her hopefully! It was exciting.

I love Sister Brimhall. I honestly can't say enough good things about her. She is truly a special person that i am very blessed to know! I LOVE being companions with her. It was weird at first when Sister Smith left because we had to re-figure out how to work with each other without an extra person but we got it down and it's been great. She has SO much faith! It is so remarkable. I learn so much from her and she puts up with my craziness haha she is the best. I know we will always be great friends.

I love you all so much! Have a great week!

Sister Heinzlmeir

 Pumpkin Spiced Hot Chocolate

 Splits with the Sister Training Leaders

 Hold ON!

 Getting creative at lunch...or don't want to make dirty dishes?

Monday, 8 September 2014



Oh my.. The weather in Winnipeg is RIDICULOUS! Rainy, stormy, hot, cold, rainy, hot, AH! hahaha it is crazy. We go back and forth from every season haha I think it's spring right now!

This week was pretty good! We got a new investigator! We are teaching a little girl names Andrea! She and her siblings and cousin go with their grandparents to church every week! Her older brother and cousin are baptized and so we finally got to go over to her grandparents when she was there and started teaching her! I love love love teaching kids! They are so innocent and pure. They just accept it and have so much faith! She is adorable. We are very excited for her!

We had a few challenges this week. Which happens haha but we were feeling pretty down. The Klassen's (investigator family) aren't doing well and it breaks our hearts. We are giving them some space for a while.  But that means that we are teaching way less and have to do more work to find. Finding is not always the funnest haha however! We are doing this to show God that we trust Him and we are making time and room for Him to bless us with people who truly want to know the truth!! And he already has blessed us so much! Andrea is one for sure!!!! But anyway, so this one day was really hard and we decided that the next day we were going to be exactly exact in our obedience (which we strive for everyday.. but we took it up a notch) We were chipper and did our very very best! Then the day was awful haha no one was home and it was wet and cold. But we kept going! Because we knew if we did, God would give us our miracle!!! So the day went on. Then it was 9pm and we did our planning for the next day and after we finished we prayed and then just sat there. Pretty tired. THEN.. we got a phone call from a sister in the mission (our ward shares a building so we see her a lot) and she had a referral for us!! She has a friend who lived with someone for a year while he was up there working and was from Winnipeg!! They went to church together every week! He is back in Winnipeg now and him and his wife are in our area! So she gave us their information and written testimonies from their friends in Germany! A MIRACLE!!!! We have tried to see them but they haven't been home! But we will soon!!! It was so exciting!! And it taught us a huge lesson. When we are diligent and obedient, God will never fail us. He might wait till the last second! But he always keeps His promises! I love being a missionary and serving the Lord! It can be crazy and stressful at times but oh the joy it brings!!!! This work is so important and I am so happy I am a part of it!!! Love you all so much!!!

Sister Heinzlmeir
Kids draw us pictures and it melts my heart haha look at the spelling of my name. priceless. haha

 We have a member who feeds us and when she does.. she makes enough to feed an army hahaha it's just us and her! then she gives us every last scrap of the leftovers (which is always a ton) and it keeps us full for a week hahaha she is a saint

 went to a members farm with the Ladd's (members) and helped harvest!!! we got to take some home! We love food hahah

Monday, 1 September 2014


 throw back to when we said goodbye to Sister smith. :(

 Choose the right? I THINK SO!

  6 months mark day! we were street contacting and saw an apple tree. we had to stop and ask the owner if we could have one! we just had too! haha tasty!

  that's my girl 

  Me and my lovely companion!

 We found Jesus!lol

 that one time our smoothie blew up on sister Brimhall

 street contacting in the rain. we got drenched!!!! felt so bad when someone actually let us in and we left water everywhere haha oops.

 We helped Sister Ladd (member) pickle cucumbers and in return.. got to take some home! YUM! ...we opened them that night hahahah

 Lunch and dessert at Maggy's!

 surprise for the sisters

selfie in the sisters apartment!

our elders think its funny to mess with our car hahaha

Sneaky surprises


It was a good week! We have been trying to focus on the members a lot and it's been great! We are establishing a bunch of great relationships! And we are getting fed way more often haha so that is always a plus!

Me and Sister Brimhall have really been wanting to do more random acts of service for others and I love it! We leave lots of notes and treats on peoples door steps and try to just bring people some happiness into their day! We even broke into the Gateway (other ward that shares our building) Sister's apartment and put confetti on their beds that they pulled into the living room because it's colder their and left some chocolate on their pillow and put heart notes on the wall!! hahah it was so fun!! But we didn't actually break in.  We were getting them back for doing our dishes last week! They do their laundry at our place because we have a washer and dryer in our apartment and so they did that and when we got home all our dishes were clean and put away and our laundry that was on our beds was all folded!!! Those sneaky sisters. I put a not on our giant dishes pile today that said "don't even think about it" hahaha we love them so so much. They are the best!

Our new district has been working together very well! We have two new Elders with us and they are great!

Church was really great yesterday! We had so many people come! A returning member that we are working with came with her boyfriend and their kids! YAY! It was great to see them all together at church! Church really is SO important! We get to renew our covenants by taking the sacrament, feel the spirit, sing, pray, learn, serve others! I really have grown a strong testimony about church attendance since being on my mission! I never understood how important it is to attend church every week and give it your all! It blesses us so much! Oh we also sang in sacrament meeting haha Brother Ladd (ward mission leader) called us saturday night and asked if we could sing!! What did we say?! ..... OF COURSE!!! hahahaha #missionlife. So we quickly put it together and sang "Lord, I Would Follow Thee". It was good, I think haha. Then we went to a fireside! They are so good! And guess who we got to see? ..... SISTER SMITH!!!! Oh it felt good to be reunited. That is a hard part about missions! You get very close with people and then have to leave them! But seeing her made us oh so happy!! Lots of hugs and squeals hahaha.

I love you all so much!! Have a great week!

Sister Heinzlmeir