Thursday, 30 April 2015

I feel like this week was crazy but I guess it was just another week of missionary work haha! I was sick at the beginning of the week then of course instead of being sick at the same time, sister Hiatt got what I had and is now sick. I think it's all this crazy weather changes happening over here! It's messing with our bodies haha. 

We got transfer calls! I am staying with sister Hiatt in Dalhousie! We are SO happy to stay together. I honestly love her so much. We work and teach great together and have so much fun every day. She means so much to me. This will be our third transfer together! I was talking to president yesterday and he said he tried to put me somewhere else when he was making the changes but just couldn't do it. Guess I'm meant to stay! Thank goodness haha!

I think the most exciting thing for me this week was sunday. So a couple weeks ago sister Thomas gave us a name of a lady who hasn't been to church in a long time and needed some love and support. We got in touch with her right away and have been teaching her. She hasn't been to church in 5 years and she came this Sunday for the first time since! She is amazing. Literally I love her so much. It was hard for her to initially walk into the building. Lots of feelings and emotions. So we just sat with her in the foyer then went to class together. She is so brave. I can't imagine how hard that was for her. To have the faith to come back when its been so long and she knows absolutely no one. She got baptized in fort frances 10 years ago and has only been in Winnipeg for 3. so its a way bigger ward. I'm just so proud of her. She has done all we have asked and is doing all she can to come unto Christ and be perfected in Him. She has taught me so much. And I'm just so overly filled with joy that she came to church. Such a big step. I love her!!!!!

The rest of the week was good, but we had to say goodbye to an elder in our district. He went home for medial reasons. It's so hard to see missionaries go home for medical reasons when they want so badly to be here and work when there are so many missionaries who don't care. It makes me want to work harder. Be better. Because I am here and I can stay and be a part of this amazing work. how amazing.

Sister Heinzlmeir

our little family !!!

me and my friend Elder Dean!!!! He gives the worst handshakes ever haha #deadfish #weak He thinks its funny.


the amount of selfie me and Sister Hiatt take is ridiculous haha we just look so cute!!! #panions

Elder Kendall!!! #myfriendsarethebest

This is the amazing Shanon McFarlene!!! She is the best. So talented at scrapbooking btw!!!

nothing like a good chick flick to wind down after a long day of missionary work!!! #Legacy haha #itsaboutpioneers closet thing we have to a chick flick haha we almost cried. its great haha. (don't worry, the movie ended at 10:27, right on time for bed!)

they don't like when we leave hahaha oh how i love them

the Richard kids dog pilling on sister Hiatt. haha its a thing. They do it all the time.

sister Stevenett leaves this week to go home and get surgery. We went over to help her pack. It's sad. But she is so strong and will be back! I love her dearly

my love <3 #stevenett #champ

April 25th ..aka Taylor and Lindsey's wedding!!! We celebrated by going to Montana's for dinner :) #thanksshannon #giftcardfrommybday

so cute ;) hahahha miss me?

YUM!!!!!! way better then Mr.Noodle and KD

I have the best friends ever!!! Elder Omer and Elder Waters #punks

I'm gonna miss Elder Merrell!!! He is my district leader and was in the MTC with me!!! He is such a great friend. He is being transferred to be an Assistant!! Maybe he can get us more k's ;) #thestruggleisreal

Monday, 20 April 2015


Finally the snow is melting and the tights are coming off!! It feels weird to see bear legs again hahaha they have been buried under layers and layers of leggings and fleece lined tights hahaha. It feels good! We might have another burning party in our backyard and say goodbye forever to those winter tights!!!!

We get transfer calls this coming Saturday!! The day Taylor and Lindsey get married! AH! Big day for everyone haha ;) . there will be a lot of changes. There are 9 sisters leaving and only 1 coming!! And sister Smith is one of those 9! AH! Crazy!!! President told us there will only be one zone for all of Winnipeg instead of two!! So they will cut one set of ZLs and STLs! We will see what happens!!!

We were going to go on exchanges with YSA this week but things got a little crazy! Sister Stevenett has a chronic illness and its been causing her a lot of pain for the past few months.   So anyway, me and sister Hiatt met the sisters at the church to swap companions but sister stevenett was in a lot of pain. luckily our Zone Leaders were there and they were able to offer to give a blessing of healing. She was stubborn though and didn't want one. No one except her companions, president, and us know about her condition. anyway, she told them and we all had a big venting sesh with her. She was scared to go home but she felt like it was what she had to do. She took some time and prayed and decided to go home at the end of this transfer and get the surgery then come back a transfer later. She talked to president and its all good to go. She is at peace and anxious to go and get back to work. I admire her faith and courage a lot!!!! But so needless to say, sister Hiatt and I went on our own and prayed about exchanges. We came to the conclusion that we should not exchange and let the two sisters go home and deal with things. So yeah, it doesn't sound as crazy as it felt haha but it felt crazy!! The spirit really directed sister Hiatt and I and it was amazing to feel that influence. I love our sisters so much. I learn so much from being a Sister Training Leader. I love it.

We also found a family to teach this week! We found the mom street contacting and went over a few days later and taught the whole family!! Only issue is they can barely speak English. They speak Arabic! We got them an Arabic book of Mormon and they loved it!! That is the one things about this mission.. so many different languages and cultures!!! I wish I could speak them all!!! haha but no such luck. Hopefully pictures, Arabic pamphlets and charades will do the trick haha.  

Love you all so much! have a great week!!!!

Sister Heinzlmeir 


#selfie #panion

#zoomba #youngwomen

we teach the Waverly bishop's daughter who is almost 8! Just to prepare her and get her ready. we taught her the plan of salvation and asked her to draw a picture of the Celestial kingdom. this is the final product! beauty!  

so we always prank our elders. its just so fun. and their car was unlocked so we put a bunch of our pass-a-long cards all over their car and stole their frizbee and put some girly glasses on their dash. This has been in on going battle between us all hahaha its so funny. anyway.. we hid and took pics of them seeing the surprise and this is our favorite #takecover #theyarecoming 

Elder Kendalls birthday!!! #21 we made a collage of pictures with these little elephants that they have. Ele and Eli haha its a long story and pretty weird how much we love those little guys haha anyway. we took them to Brandon and took a bunch of pictures and they were just hilarious. needless t o say he loved the gift hahahah

Monday, 13 April 2015


This week Sister Hiatt and I have been really trying to talk to everyone we see. It's pretty hard when you see a lot of humans everyday haha!! But it's been going really well!! We are a funny pair. We have been handing out these "Because He Lives" pass-a-long cards that have the website to the new Easter video the church made. It's been a blast!! Haha we are getting pretty bold. Sister Hiatt gave a card to a guy on the phone, I got to give one to someone on a bike. Very interesting encounters. Best one was this guy we met early in the week. We were able to talk to him and set up a time to go see him! So we met at McDonalds (nice and public #sisterproblems) and had a lesson! We taught him about the book of Mormon and read the introduction and he loved it!! We gave him a copy and he was so excited haha We are meeting him again this coming week. Very exciting! I like when people listen to us hahah. But it's interesting because he said if Mormons came to see him a year ago he would never let us in. But he is trying to find himself and find whats missing in his life so he is trying to be open and outgoing and talking o everyone! Just shows how the lord really does prepare people and leads us to them!! 

We also went to BRANDON!! I love going on exchanges haha I got to go with sister Brimhall!!! It was so fun haha there was a lot of talking. We actually had a neat experience too! We went to see this guy but he wasn't home so we talked to the lady who opened the door and just taught her there!! She said she met missionaries on the street and she gave them her information but she never heard back from them! So sister Brimhall reassured her they would most definitely be seeing her again. It was fun! I miss sister Brimhall a lot. We called sister Smith too, that was the best haha. #tripan #cantstop #wontstop. It was a great exchange! 

I am so thankful to be a missionary. And to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So many people that we meet just seem so sad. They either don't know God or don't feel his love for him or think they have what they need and don't take the time to listen. I'm so blessed that I have always known who God was and that He loves me. A special gift we get as missionaries is feeling Gods love for others. It is incredible. People we teach. people we meet on the street, everyone! Its amazing! We really are all Gods children and He loves us! I love telling people that God loves them and them feeling it for the first time or remembering that feeling. It is such an honor. Try to always spread Gods love. Lift someone's spirit and give them that hope. It will fill your soul with great joy. I promise.

Sister Heinzlmeir

picnic in our apartment with the YSA sisters!!!! #yum #lunchtime

off to Brandon!!!! Road trip!!

#treatsfordays I just want to say that I love my companion so much. She really means so much to me. We have so much fun together and are just so silly together. She is a blessing in my life and I am so greatful for her <3

this one time we were taking selfies and we almost got in an accident and I captured the moment. Me- oblivious , making greats selfie face
Sister Hiatt- preparing for war

haha don't worry.. we are safe :)

me girl ! #brimmers

you know your friends when you decorate your planner the same way haha!!!! #stickers #sisters

Brandon exchanges!!!!

we taught the Richards kids (Tanice,Clayton, Kayton, Danika, toni-rae) at the park and a bunch of their friends came and joined us as we all sat on the grass. such a beautiful moment.

so there is a cupboard in the church that a member told us about... there are treats inside. only problem was we didn't have a key!!!! so.. we tried to break in!! shh.. don't tell bishop!!! haha.  


This week was lots of fun! We had Zone Conference, so I got to see sister Brimhall! YAY! It was all about the Book Of Mormon and how we need to use it more in our teaching and finding. It really is the keystone of our religion and the source of true conversion. We played "Book Of Mormon Jeopardy" where we would name a book in the book of Mormon then how many points we want and then sister Thomas would read part of a scripture in the book. I didn't get any haha i got close!! Luckily it was each zone against each other and my zone is full of very smart Elders who got many points for us hahah we got a little rowdy and excited.. it was so funny hahaha. My zone was winning. Until President Thomas cheated and made another Zone win. The prize was first at getting lunch haha. It was lots of fun. 

We were able to do a lot of street contacting this week to share the "Because He Lives" pass-a-long cards for Easter! It has the ;ink to the He lives Video. If you haven't seen it, go watch it! It's so good! Me and Sister Hiatt had lots of fun. We laughed at how as missionaries we have a radar for people walking and do all we can to get to them haha. walk faster! walk slower! quick turn here! Oh no, cross the street! haha it's pretty amusing. We had a few harsh no's but for the most part people were receptive and we had some great conversations!!

Conference! How amazing was that?! I loved it!!! I love being able to hear the Prophet and apostles and learn from them! Their words are scripture and we need to take them very seriously. I love our Prophet. I know Thomas S. Monson was called of God. I know that they tell us what we need for this time and era. I know that the Book of Mormon is truly the word of God and is meant for us today. We need it in our lives to guide and direct us. The world is rapidly becoming more wikid and we need to stay firm to what we know. The book of Mormon gives us strength and power. We cannot miss a day of reading. I love my savior. I know that he lives. I know he knows me personally and is right beside me as I serve him to the best of my abilities. He cries with me when times are hard and smiles with me when miracles happen. He is my Redeemer. I am so grateful for all he has done for me. I am thankful for A Heavenly Father who loved me enough to send His only begotten son and also give me earthly parents to love and support me in all my endeavors. I love my family. I know we will be together forever. I know this church is true and the only true church on the earth. I know these things without a shadow of a doubt and I will tell anyone who asks.

I love you all so much and I am so thankful for your love and support and prayers. It means so much to me and gives me strength. Keep being amazing and press forward. 

Sister Heinzlmeir 

sister Thomas wanted to photo bomb haha love her! 

me and my friend Elder Fuentes! Keeping our tradition strong of taking a selfie everytime we see each other hahah #selfiesfordays 

Me and Sister Demarchi! One of the best!!!

a little light reading? 

APRIL FOOLS DAY!!! Elder Kendall and Merrell were on exchanges and played a prank on us. They said they had treats for us. They set up a scavenger hunt at the church. Then the last clue said "april fools, no treats!" then we got mad but then they ran away and brought back a PIZZA!!! so there was a treat!!!! hahaha it was fun.  #spoiledsisters

HAPPY EASTER!!!!! #kissabunnyforgoodluck? 

Meet Annie. She is a saint. She literally took us out for lunch then bought us groceries! Like everything we need and more! Honestly it was one of the nicest things i've witnessed. She melts my heart. 

this little boy is the cutest! he sat with us during conference! 

easter! We went to visit Tanice and everyone and watched them have an eater egg hunt!