Monday, 24 August 2015

A week packed with lots of adventures! that is for sure! This week was great! We had exchanges down in moose jaw and that is always fun because I get to see all the people I love! We did some service which is always good and then had to head back up to Saskatoon for specialized training! Which is just a big meeting where we all learn lots haha. It was so long but really wonderful. We were trained on a few things but my favorite was the part on extending commitments. Its actually one of my favorite parts of teaching too. When we extend commitments for people to do things and act on faith, we invite them to repent and come unto Chris, which is our whole purpose! So I love it. Following-up, however, I'm not the best at haha so sister Sherksnas and I are working on doing better at that. 

This week we focused a lot on finding. I have been looking back on my mission a lot this week and reflecting on my experiences but as I have pondered I have felt a strong feeling that I am not done the work I have been called to do. But it was more then just making sure I work hard till the end. It was more specific. There was someone I still needed to find. So we have been working hard to find that person!! And the most amazing thing ever happened. We got to church on sunday at one of our wards and there were two members visiting with their friend. Turns out this lady has gone to church with her friends a few times and love sit. she has been searching for a church to go to and told me she thinks this is the one. ... WHAT?!??!!?!? like um.. ok? when can you be baptized? haha I am beyond excited. I love being a missionary. There is no better work then the Lords work. 

Sister Heinzlmeir

exchanges in Regina! Sister Harris

exchange selfie

exchanges in Regina round 2! with sister Tilby!!!

so an elder knew that both our families eat pizza on Friday every week so they bought us some !!!! it was the best surprise ever! #pizzafriday

the fowlers <3

mine :)

there is a cute bridge here in stoon and underneath you write what you want to do before you die and it was fun!!!!

my companion is the best!!! she made me French toast for my 18 month mark!!!! #ididit #18months

making apple sauce with Brynn!!!

off to moose jaw!

gardening at its best

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